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Park City Pet Sitting Services

With Pinebrook Pet Sitting, you will always know that a mature, experienced adult (myself) is caring for your pet. I have one extra adult helper that can be there for me when I am away. 

Home visits include any of the following:
    Feeding & Watering
Administering Medication(s)
Letting Out
Plant Watering and Other Home Care
    Collection of Mail and Garbage Take Out
    (Belly rubs always included!)
                     Potty Breaks (15 min)
Time to feed, water, give a potty break or clean little and give lots of attention.  
        Dog Walk or Cat Play (30 min)
A great choice to give your dog some exercise, a chance to go potty and wonderful attention. 

                        Dog Outing (60 min)
Especially catered to the energy dogs. I will take your dog on a hike or to a dog park. 

Neighborhoods include Pinebrook,  Lower Jeremy Ranch and Summit Park. Neighborhoods outside those are $5-$10 more a visit depending on location. 

"I get really sad when Mom leaves me. But I like it when Stephanie comes and takes me on walks and gives me a treat."

- Basie, dog

Catherine Greenwald's dog


When my parents are away, Stephanie takes good care of me. She is always on time and spends time with me."

- Ziggy, cat

Stephanie took GREAT care of my 18 year old cat that has to be pilled 2x/day. She was very dependable & loving! Thank you Stephanie!! 😺

Teri Jordan, Pinebrook·

Stephanie has taken care of all of our pets twice now (2 dogs, 3 cats and 1 lizard) and I highly recommend her!! She has done a wonderful job and sends us pictures and text updates while we are gone :)

Jackie Silkey, PInebrook

My Human family travels every few months for a few weeks at a time and I love to see Stephanie arrive at the door! She gives me the daily exercise, cuddles and hugs I get from my human family and more. Thank you Stephanie for always being there for me when they go. 

Hikes and Huggs Mic